Marcia Barton

Marcia Barton

Member of team: DONNA Ambassadors 2017

For five years I have run and raised money for DONNA.

This cause is the only charity I raise money for because I believe so strongly in the work being done. I have seen the research labs at Mayo and spoken to the doctors. I have met the women whose lives are helped because of the DONNA foundation.

ALL the money raised through our fundraising efforts goes to the cause! ALL. Not many charities can claim that!

Help me reach my goal this year! I know with everyone's help, I can meet and even exceed my biggest goal ever!

Thank you!


The DONNA Foundation is a private non-profit organization in Northeast Florida producing the only marathon in the U.S. dedicated to breast cancer research, awareness and care.  Its mission is to passionately raise funds for ground breaking breast cancer research and women living with breast cancer.

Since its launch in 2003, The DONNA Foundation has raised more than $4 million towards its vision to finish breast cancer.

The DONNA Foundation provides financial assistance for the critical needs of women and men living with breast cancer. To date, The DONNA Foundation has served more than 10,000 families. The DONNA Foundation also helped to develop and maintain the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program. Ongoing funding from the foundation make it possible for the laboratory team not only to conduct state of the art breast cancer research, including the widely publicized Triple Negative Breast Cancer Vaccine Trials, but also provide genomics support for studies in all cancers.

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Donor Roll

Danielle Z. $50.00
Earnestine M. $10.00
Heather L. $10.00
Meaghan M. $10.00
Katina Ryan W. $10.00
nancy g. $10.00
Michelle B. $10.00
Michelle W. $10.00
Todd N. $50.00
Alicia H. $10.00
Julie C. $10.00
Terri R. $50.00
Christina G. $10.00
Christine D. $20.00
Alison R. $10.00
Christopher T. $10.00
Tracy K. $150.00
Kira C. $50.00
Rachel M. $10.00
BJ C. $25.00
Kerkrecha G. $25.00
Stephen F. $100.00
Christine D. $50.00
Lori C. $50.00
Danielle Z. $100.00
Joey M. $50.00
danyse s. $5.00
Nicole Z. $50.00
Bari F. $45.00
LEE W. $10.00
Dennie B. $100.00
Colleen L. $20.00
Michelle W. $10.00
Marcia B. $90.00

Fundraiser Goal

Currently Raised

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